(Vitoria-Gasteiz, 1966)
Video Art, Installation Art. Auberive, Estrasburgo, París

Francisco Ruiz de Infante was born in Vitoria in 1966. Having obtained a degree in Painting
and Audiovisuals from the Fine Arts College at the University of the Basque Country (1986-
1991), he completed his artistic training studying music at the Jesús Guridi Music School in
Vitoria (1984-1989) and taking part in courses in a range of disciplines including film,
video, photography, theatre, dance and the plastic arts.
Throughout his career he has won several prizes and held numerous exhibitions. Since the year
1999 he has taught at the Higher School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg (ESAD). He co-founded
the French association of audiovisual artists Autour de la Terre, and is artistic director of
the Centre des Rives laboratory of contemporary art and literature in the rural environment,
linked to the association.
Ruiz de Infante's work is produced chiefly in the fields of audiovisual and installation art.
The idea of covering a trajectory or a circuit features prominently in his conception of
exhibition space, in which passages, paths, tunnels and doorways become physical rites of
access to his 'fragile constructions,' halfway between buildings and ruins. His plastic
universe is thus filled with dark claustrophobic spaces that plunge viewers into nightmarish
experiences and journeys through the nooks and crannies of memory and the subconscious, often
resorting to recollections from the world of childhood.

Francisco Ruiz de Infante
[27 November 2019].