(Bilbao, 1953)
Painting, Drawing, Graphic Arts. Bilbao

Alberto Rementería was born in Bilbao in 1953, and spent his childhood and youth in Eibar
(Gipuzkoa). He moved to Bilbao in the seventies to train as a painter at the University of the
Basque Country, where in 1979 he began teaching at the Fine Arts College.
He was attracted to painting from a very young age and presented his work at a number of art
competitions and contests as well as at exhibitions held in different Basque towns. In 1978 he
was awarded a grant for Artistic Creation by the Vizcaína Savings Bank and in 1984 received
another award for Artistic Creation from the Regional Government of Bizkaia. Four years later he
won First Prize at the Gure Artea'88 competition.
Over the course of his artistic career he has explored both Realism and Abstraction, although
his work has always been characterised by Expressionist gestures, often charged with irony. In
his painting, Rementería strives to forget and erase established norms and give way to feelings,
emotion and spontaneity.