(Bilbao, 1967)
Sculpture, Installation Art, Photography, Performance. Bilbao

Mabi Revuelta was born in Bilbao in 1967. She studied Fine Arts at the University of the
Basque Country and won several scholarships that enabled her to complete her training: the El
Paular grant in 1990, the grant for Artistic Creation in 1993 and the Plastic Arts grant in
1994, both awarded by the Regional Government of Bizkaia.
In 1995 she carried out a series of artistic interventions in Mexico in connection with her
project Lágrimas de sangre, and in the year 2000 she began to take part in the
International Studio and Curatorial Program offered by the residency-based contemporary art
centre in Manhattan. Since then she alternates her time between New York and the Basque
In 2002 the Bilbao Bizkaia Kutxa Foundation awarded her the BBK Plastic Arts Grant and the
following year she received a grant from the Marcelino Botín Foundation. In 2007 she obtained
a KREA Award.
Mabi Revuelta's work contains multiple references to Dada and Surrealism and conveys her
desire to transfer personal experiences and environments to public space, exploring viewer

Mabi Revuelta [24 March 2021].