(San Sebastián, 1946 -  San Sebastián, 2001)
Painting. Billabona (Gipuzkoa), San Sebastián

Vicente Ameztoy Olasagasti was born on 30 January 1946 in San Sebastián. He began his studies
in drawing and painting as a teenager under Ascensio Martiarena, and briefly attended the San
Fernando Higher School of Fine Arts in Madrid.
He soon began to take part in exhibitions and competitions: in 1960, aged fourteen, he took
part in the group show Exposición de los 10 and in 1967 he held his first solo
exhibition at San Sebastián’s Barandiarán Gallery. During that period he had submitted works
to several competitions and won a number of awards, including the Honorary Prize at the 12th
San Sebastián Christmas Competition and the First Prize in the selection of Basque artists at
the Paris Biennial, both in 1962, and the Second Prize at the 3rd Grand Prix of Basque
Painting in San Sebastián in 1967.
Ameztoy continued to take part in exhibitions throughout the following decade. His oeuvre
reflects the world of dreams, nature appears as the setting for human figures with plant
attributes. In the late seventies he designed covers and illustrations for the magazines
Euskadi Sioux and Zeruko Argia, and in the eighties and nineties continued to
display his works, albeit only sporadically. His most complete exhibition to date is the
retrospective show organised by the Arteleku art centre in San Sebastián in 1990 entitled
Karne & Klorofila.
That same year he collaborated on the artistic direction of the film Vacas by Julio
Medem, and in 1991 he designed the wardrobe and set for the pastoral Pantzart, staged
by the theatre group Agerre.
In 1993 and up until the year 2000 his work focused on the decoration of the chapel of Our
Lady of Remelluri in Labastida (Álava), where he spent long hours painting lives of saints and
a paradise.
Vicente Ameztoy died in San Sebastián on 6 November 2001.