(Marcilla, Navarra, 1930 -    1985)
Watercolour, Painting. Madrid?

José Abad Azpilicueta was born in Marcilla in 1930, although he moved to Madrid at the age of
ten. A few years later he took a position at the Banco Mercantil Industrial, although his
interest in draughtsmanship prompted him to study Technical Drawing and he would acquire great
skill in the use of perspective and spatial composition.
In 1945 the Spanish Association of Watercolourists was founded, and roughly around the same
time José Abad Azpilicueta began to feel particularly drawn to the medium. Nine years later he
would be attending the short coursesimparted by the association on such a spontaneous yet
complex pictorial technique.
As a result of his exceptional abilities, the Navarrese artist soon became a professional
watercolourist, and he went on to pursue a career as a teacher. Although he explored different
genres, still lifes and landscapes were his favourite themes. An acute observer of nature,
José Abad managed to combine objective reality and his own emotions into a coherent whole.
Over the course of his career he was distinguished with several prizes, including the Felipe
Trigo Medal awarded by Madrid Town Hall, Silver and Bronze medals at the Railway Exhibition,
medals at the Autumn Salon and the Painters of Africa Award.
Abad Azpilicueta was a member of the Spanish Association of Watercolourists.